DeKalb Metal Finishing (Indiana)
625 West 15th Street / PO Box 70
United States


DeKalb Metal Finishing specializes in RoHS and S.V.H.C. compliant Alkaline Zinc and Zinc Alloy plating, Aquence™ Coatings, E-Coat, Chromate Conversion, Passivation and more.

All of our plating lines are alkaline based due to the superior capabilities of alkaline baths. When compared to acid zinc and zinc alloy plating, our alkaline products provide first-rate brightness, superior plate distribution between high and low current density areas, improved coverage inside of tubes, increased impact resistance, and significantly better throwing power, even inside fittings.

Additionally, we specialize in, and exclusively offer, trivalent passivates. DeKalb Metal Finishing has been a hexavalent-free plating company since 2007.

For more information on any of our products, please contact us at 260-925-1820 or visit us online at


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