Control Electropolishing Corp. (New York)
109 Walworth Street
United States


Charles A. Morla founded Control Electropolishing Corporation on May 15, 1959, in Freeport, New York.

The company moved to our present location of Brooklyn in 1972. In 1985 we installed a brand new set of diesel generators to produce all the electricity used for processing. In 1991 Nancy Zapata, the company's present president and CEO, took over Control Electropolishing Corp. In the year 2007, the company expanded there process line by establishing a brand new pickling and passivating installation.

Control Electropolishing Corporation is able to electropolish and passivate stainless steel products effectively, satisfying the needs of customers throughout the United States.

Control Electropolishing Corp. is a conformance-to-requirements organization. We have therefore, established a climate favorable to quality so those conditions that are adverse to quality are prevented or receive early detection. 
Last year we received funding from the New York State Department of Economic Development’s Environmental Services Unit to renovate our passivating line. We replaced the use of nitric acid with the use of citric acid, which is more environmentally friendly.

Control Electropolishing Corp. applied and received funding in 2005 from the New York State Department of Labor to upgrade our workers’ skills. All our employees were trained in Quality Control. We have accomplished our goal of becoming ISO9001:2000 certified.


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